Moperc Congas - Anyone played them?

topic posted Sat, July 30, 2005 - 11:08 AM by  Dusty
I just heard about some congas from Moperc Percussion. Everything I have heard about them is really good. I'm curious if anyone has played them or has any more info.
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    Re: Moperc Congas - Anyone played them?

    Sat, July 30, 2005 - 2:08 PM
    They are some awesome drums. They are very heavy, but built to last, and they have a strong full tone. Michel makes the drums to order and ships them direct from his shop in Canada. There are no distributors in the US or elsewhere, it's all direct from Moperc. Prices are on his website.

    Gotta plug the Timba Percussion drums, too. My favorite congas ever, with beautiful tone and construction. Made here in California.

    Also, Cali Rivera of JCR has just started offering congas as well. Top notch New York style.
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    Moperc Congas ... I got one!!

    Tue, November 22, 2005 - 7:49 PM
    Yep, played one.
    I received yesterday a Salsa Club Series Moperc quinto in natural ash. It's beautiful. I researched on the internet for months and finally made a decision and popped on a Moperc. It was a tough call between Moperc and Timba ... and I had never played either. I still haven't played a Timba. What can you do? Most music stores aren't going to carry congas of such quality (and price) in stock.
    Mopercs are available at
    It seems to be a one man operation. The maker Michel Ouellet answers the phone so you talk to the maker. I paid up front in full and he sent the drum several weeks later.
    The drum is beautiful acoustically, visually, and structurally. It's flawless. The staves are solid and cut to shape. They're not two-ply. They're not steamed and bent to shape. So... the drum is constructed of wood that is as it was in the tree. Compare that to other makers my friend. The hardware is all stainless steel ... again ... compare to other makers.
    I took the time to tune the drum tonight. The tones are like magical lagoons, the closed slaps are like the edge of the world, the open slaps ring like the rapture. It is loud. The high overtones are tunable. The thing is brand new. I can only imagine what it will sound like in a few months after the head is conditioned by playing. The lugs even came greased ... the maker is such a perfectionist.
    I spent a lot of money for this drum my friend so reach deep into your pocket. See the prices at You could buy three congas from other makers for the price of one Moperc. I never spent better money than what I just spent on my Moperc. Until yesterday, I played LP Matadors and they are fine drums ... no disrespect here for Matadors.
    However ... not all congas are created equal.
    What kind of congas do you want to play?
    Mopercs are among the world's finest ... they may be the very finest.
    P.S. I don't have any connection to Moperc if you think I'm pimping for some kind of benefit ... I'm just a proud new keeper of an unbelievably beautiful instrument.

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